Yeasn YPA-2100

YPA-2100 Refractor

Simplicity, Imbued with precision

The Result of steady evolution to the top in refraction product, based on more than ten years of Yeasn’s pursuit of perfection

Lightweight design
YPA-2100 is thinner than similar products. Through its light­ weight design, the maximum thickness of 88mm, the weight is only 3.75kg.

Advanced drive system design
Adopting an internationally well-known brand of stepping motor, accurate adjustment of the pupil distance, with a low mechanical operation noise.

Control terminal
Integrated Tablet, printer, wireless router and network card in one unit. The tablet can be removed from the terminal and used in an arbitrary position to maximize versatility.

Android tablet
Introducing Multi-Point Touch I Gesture Control I Swipe func­tion to your workflow . Control software can be applied to most tablet brands, different sizes (8-10 inches), different screen resolution Tablet (Above Android 4.4)

Built in WiFi module
Use the Tablet to control the YPA-2100 Phoropter, communicate with the control terminal for printing and EMR integration through a dedicated and secure Wifi connection.

System integration solutions
YPA-2100 connects with the YPB-2100 Acuity System by WiFi, to build a comprehensive wireless refract ion system . YPA -2100 Tablet takes full control of the YPB-2100 Acuity System features.

Flat design
YPA-2100 APP provides a flat operation flow, Each icon has a corresponding function, there is no need to use a combination of keys.

Custom workflow
Comprehensive and customizable refraction sequence programming. The user has the ability to customize up to eight programs .



Sphere lens -29.00D-+26.75D, Step 0.12D/0.25D/1D
-19.00D-+16.75D(Cross Cylindrical Lens or Prism)
Cylinder lens O.OOD- ± 8.75D, Step 0.25D/1 D
Axis 0° -180° ,Step 1° /5°
Pupil distance 48mm-82mm(Far)
49mm-75mm(Near, Working Distance35cm)
Rotary prism 0-20.D. ,Step 0.1.6. ,0.5.D.
Cross cylinder ± 0.25D/ ± 0.50D(Auto ), ± 0.50D(Fixed)
Size and weight Refractor 400(W) x 92(D) x 275(H)mm/3.9kg
Printer 200(W) x 200(D) x 80(H)mm/1.70kg
Power supply -220V, 50Hz, ?OVA


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