Yeasn SLY-100


Focus, To create delicacy.

SLY-100 Vision Tester is applicable with stand and projection for precision measurement of visual functions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, visual acuity balance, phoria, stereoscopic vision and visual acuity amalgamation.

Butterfly pattern design
The butterf y pattern design is unique in the world, make it ele­ gant appearance. Its highly recognizable will promote the level of optical shops or optometry centers. Comparing with tradi­ tional design, butterfy pattern design has more beautiful ap­ pearance and more smooth curve.

Multi-layer coating
All the lenses of our SLY-100 are made of advanced optical glass with multi-layer coating

Durability and life span
The high density aluminum and good copper guarantee the durability and life span of the product.

Smooth production operation
Smooth production operation, comfortable handfeel and Great user experience.

Stability after long-time use
Good lens quality ensures the stability of the transm issivity even after long-time use

Excellent optical design
Excellent optical design guarantees the accuracy of combine power.



Sphere lens -19.00D-+16.75D
Step0.25D(being 0.12D when 0.12D auxiliary lens is used)
Cylinder lens 0–6.00D(being 0 – -8.00D when additional lens is used)
Step 0.25D(being 0.12D when additional lens is used)
Axis 0° -180° ,Step5°
Pupil Distance 50-75mm,Step1 mm
Rotary lens 0-20 ,Step1
Prism basal angel 0° -360°
Cross cylinder ± 0.25D
Vertex Distance 13.75mm
Size and weight 335(W) x 90(D) x 320(H)mm/4.5kg


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