The DGH 6000 SCANMATE a Portable USB A-Scan.

The DGH 6000 Scanmate-A combines the accuracy of DGH’s proven A-Scan alignment algorithm with the process­ ing power, data storage and connectivity advantages of a personal computer. Patient Data can be stored on a local computer, or in a centralized network location where it can be accessed by multiple users. Patient records are fully searchable and can be exported in a format that is compatible with EMR/EHR systems. The IOL Calculator is easy to use and includes modem formulas such as SRK®/T, Hoffer® Q , Holladay 1 and Haigis. Lens constants can be optimized automatically based on Post-Operative results. The included Post Refractive Calculator assists the doctor in estimating the true corneal power for patients that have undergone refractive surgery. The DGH 6000 provides portability, accuracy and intuitive data management, all for a competitive price.

A Portable USB A-Scan with the World’s Most Advanced A-Scan

Main Features

• Contact and Water Immersion.
• IOLI Post-Refractive Calculator.
• Centralized Storage of Records.
• Integrates with DGH 8000 B-Scan.
• EMR I EHR Compatible.

A-Scan Features

Measurement Range
• AXL 15.0 mm to 40.0 mm
• ACD 2.0 mm to 6.0 mm
• LT 2.0 mm to 7.5 mm

Measurement Modes
• Immersion / Contact

Eye Types
• Aphakic
• Normal
• Cataract
• Dense Cataract
• Pseudophakic (Silicone)
• Pseudophakic (PMMA)
• Pseudophakic (Acrylic)
• Normal / Silicone Oil Vitreous

Measurement Accuracy
• Repeatability : ± 0.03mm STDEV (Immersion)
• Resolution: O.Olmm

• Length 55.7 mm x Diameter 6.6 mm
• Frequency 10.0 MHz (Nominal)
• Focused Acoustic Beam (23.0 mm Nominal)

• Audible Feedback for Probe Alignment
• Corneal Compression Detection
• Fully Configurable Velocities
• Save Video or Individual A-Scan Waveforms
• Automatic & Manual Measurement Modes
• Customizable – Each Doctor Can Configure Preferred A-Scan Settings

IOL Calculator Features.

IOL Formulas
• Binkhorst II
• SRK®/T
• Holladay I
• Hoffer® Q
• Haigis

Post Refractive Formulas
• Double K (SRK®/T)
• History Derived
• Clinically Derived (Shammas)
• Refraction Derived
• Contact Lens

Personalized Lens Constants
• Easily Review I Sort Post-Operative Results
• Automatically or Manually Optimize Lens Constants for SRK®/T, Holladay I, Hoffer® Q and Haigis Formulas

• Single Page IOL Calculation Summary Report
• A-Scan Measurement Summary Report
• Customizable Report Options
• Print to Local or Networked Printer
• Save to Database or Export as PDF

• Customizable – Each Doctor Can Configure Three (3) Preferred IOLs and Formulas, for Fast and Accurate
• Integrates Seamlessly with DGH 8000 B-Scan


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