Crystalvue Tonovue

Fully automated just one touch

With the fully automatic 3D tracking, multiple IOP measurements can be done by touch the center of the pupil on the screen. The measurements can be printed out automatically.


TonoVue® has built in the software of patient management (data base). This software enables easy and fast access to patient data through touch screen, printer, USB or RS232

Soft air puff and quick exam time

The intelligent software controls the amount of air required for each individual eye. It achieves the softer and quieter air puff which helps patients feeling comfortable. With the intelligent 3D tracking, the measurements are done extremely fast. The influence of patients’ movement can be minimized.

Large 8″ touch screen

The 8” touch screen makes it easy to control all of the operating procedures and settings. The large touch screen also makes the input, search, and display of the patients’ data base as well as measurements easily.

Calculation of compensated IOP

The Studies show that the central corneal thickness (CCT) could affect the accuracy of IOP measurement. For example, thinner corneas contribute to underestimate the IOP value. TonoVue® provides compensated IOP values by inputing the CCT values. The compensated IOP formula can also be customized by user.

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