Yeasn CCQ-800


Excellence, Derived from classics.

CCQ-800 auto focimeter mainly measure spherical power, cylindrical power and axis of the cylindrical lens as well as contact lens . It marks on the uncut lens and checks if the spectacle lens is correctly mounted.

Green Light Beam
Green light beam ( 545nm ) , Which is nearly same as Fraun­ hofer e-ine ( 546.1nm ) of ISO Standards, speaks higher ac­ curacy in measurement than genneral infrared light.

Hartmann sensor
Hartmann multi-dots data capturing and area measurement is used. It can achieve precise measurement with over 80 dots calculation, making progressive lens measurement more ac­ curate.

Multi-focal Lens Measurement
Automatic recognition of multi-focal lenses support easy mea­ surement guidance on display and even measurement of sun­ glasses and prism multi-focal lenses is simple.

Auto Lens Recognition
Single Vision, progressive and other lenses are recognized au­ tomatically and turns into corresponding measurement mode.

UV Measurement
Easy operation and easy display of UV transmittance allow easy understanding of UV transmittance level from single vision lenses and sunglasses.

Simple GUI
GUI readable at the first glance is user-friendly with easy opera­ tion and anyone can easily conduct measurement without expert knowledge.

Supporting Input Prism Value
When locking measurement value in automatic mode, moving lens, axis can change.

Lens Contortion Inspection
Can check the contortion of lens, indicator show contortion situation, can inspect the Lens scratching or wo rn situation (FOR REF)

Accurate Compensation
According to different material lens, can set up ABBE, accu­ rate compensation


Sphere lens -25.00D-+25.00D,Step0.01 D/0.06D/ 0.12D/0.25D
Cylinder lens -9.99D-+9.99D,Step0.01 D/0.06D/ 0.12D/0.25D
Add -9.99D-+9.99D ,Step0.01D/0.06D/ 0.12D/0.25D
Contact lens -20.OOD-+20 .OOD,StepO.01D/O.06D/ 0.12D/O.25D
Axis 0° -180° ,Step1°
Prism basal angle 0° -360° ,Step1°
Prism power 0-20 b. ,Step0.01 b.
Lens diameter cP 1Omm- cP 1OOmm
Lens center thickness 20mm
Power supply Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz ; Output DC 12V 40W
Size and weight 235(W) x 246(D) x 487(H)mm/6kg


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