Lightmed LIGHTLas 532


LIGHTLas 532

With more than 20 years of proven dependability, the LIGHTLas 532 is engineered to withstand daily usage with superior, extended performance.

Consistent Power
• Laser Cavity Bonding: Patented design with a 2.0 W or 4.0 W (optional) laser cavity assures exceptional life span and stability of the system.
• Instant Duty-Cycle Circularity: This feature assures stable and uniform treatment profile for maximized clinical outcomes.
• Superior Laser Crystal Coating: The advanced coating technology offers 10 times higher damage threshold than most conventional photocoagulators. This superior coating enables advanced energy stability.

Confident Performance
• Continuous System Monitoring: Innovative technology continuously measures and monitors the system to ensure optimal performance.
• Intuitive Messaging: Provides immediate, user-friendly notification of an issue in the rare event that the system is not performing at optimal levels.

Premier Service
• Best-In-Class Coverage: Every LIGHTLas 532 comes with the reassurance of the industry-leading warranty from LIGHTMED.
• Convenient Service: Assure reduced product downtime with sales and service centers located worldwide for quick maintenance or in-office repair.

Efficiently designed to maximize workspace and optimize workflow, the LIGHTLas 532 provides a convenient way to access both the patient and laser controls. The central display is just a glance away and functions with a simple touch.

Portable Space-Saving Design
• Small, Sleek Design: Compact footprint provides additional workspace and can be easily integrated into any clinic or operating room workstation.
• Convenient And Portable: Each LIGHTLas 532 is designed with a convenient handle and includes a portable carrying case.

Intuitive Touch Screen Technology
• User-Friendly: Easy-to-read 7” backlit LCD touch screen includes menus with simple selection and treatment settings.

Wireless Foot Pedal
• Ergonomically Designed: Foot pedal allows handsfree operation and uninterrupted procedures for increased visual focus.
• Optional Power Adjustment Foot Pedal: A simple tap enables adjustment of treatment power settings for easy positioning.

To help optimize patient outcomes, LIGHTLas 532 can be used in traditional continuous wave or our exclusive next-generation SP-Mode™ Microsecond Laser Technology.

SP-ModeTM Microsecond Laser Technology
The latest innovation in LIGHTMED laser therapy, SP-ModeTM offers a groundbreaking treatment approach to achieving optimal clinical outcomes. Ongoing studies show that physicians are now able to:
• Eliminate laser-induced thermal tissue damage and treatment side effects
• Deliver a broader range of treatment modalities
• Treat disorders at a much earlier stage
• Provide repeat treatment in retinal and glaucoma applications

Designed for versatility in the operating room and clinic, LIGHTLas 532 offers a comprehensive selection of combinations to address retinal and glaucoma diseases as your practice grows. With an array of pattern configurations to best suit your clinical needs, its dual and tri combo laser integration and unique slit lamp option also helps maximize control, improve safety, and enhance clinical outcomes.

Dual And Tri Combo Laser Integration
LIGHTLas 532 works with the LIGHTLas YAG-V and LIGHTLas SLT Deux-V to form a powerful and complete photocoagulator/photodisruptor/SLT workstation—all with vitreolysis.

TruLase Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO) Compatibility
Integrated LIO provides unique controls of aperture size and spot positioning for enhanced, precise viewing.

Superior Slit Lamp Option
Recognized as one of the world’s finest slit lamp laser integration systems, the LIGHTMED system provides outstanding control, increased safety, and enhanced clinical flexibility.
• 50-1000 μm for continuous variable spot size control
• True parfocal delivery system provides superior energy distribution and clinical versatility
• Optical design and superior lenses allow a larger field of viewing and a precise, crystal-clear view of the retina
• Provides an unobstructed, variable working distance between objective lens and patient for improved comfort
Range Of Slit Lamp Delivery Adapters Engineered with automatic recognition of delivery devices and treatment modes for simple selection and safer application, the LIGHTLas 532 includes an extensive range of slit lamp delivery adapters (SLAs) to fit most Haag-Streit and LIGHTMED slit lamps.




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