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Multimodality YAG Laser Optimized For Advanced Clinical Treatments


The industry’s most popular laser photodisruptor, the LIGHTLas YAG™ combines unparalleled
functionality, safety, and versatility.

Built-In Five Position Magnification Changer
• Exceptional Viewing: From fine structures to the wide-field view of the retina, the integrated magnification changer helps improve diagnosis capabilities at a convenient working distance Superb Crystal Q-Switch Laser Technology

• Powerfully Crafted: The unit is operated through a laser-fire Q-Switch conveniently integrated into the system

• Unique Laser Cavity Technology: Provides optimum tissue-cutting precision and consistent shot-to-shot output energy at the industry’s lowest optimal breakdown levels

• Advanced Noise Reduction: Improves patient compliance and allows procedures to be completed with lower energy levels to help reduce treatment side effects and lens pitting

Twin Aiming Focusing System
• Precision With Ease: Fine-focusing aiming beam system allows both beams to converge together at the focal target to create a sharp and easily readable spot Unmatched Long-Term Performance

• Proprietary Auto-Calibration: Engages in autocalibration mode as soon as the microprocessor senses degradation in output power over predetermined levels

• Unique Self-Diagnosis Feature: Laser will automatically set optimum internal parameters to assure peak performance

A progressive laser both inside and out, the LIGHTLas YAG™ features the industry’s largest range of
focal plane shift paired with precision optics to assist in precise procedures with optimal outcomes.

Posterior/Anterior Laser Offset: ±500 μm
• Large Focus Shift: Allows detailed titration of treatment focus without compromising comfort and preventing the possibility of lens pitting
• Clinical Versatility: Essential for multi-patient environments with numerous IOL types
• Adjustable Setting: Extensive range of ±500 μm for higher accuracy and greater control

Quality Precision Optics
• Superior Anterior Segment Procedures: Optimized design includes high-resolution slit lamp and quality components
• Crisp Field Of View: Beam splitter-free design features internally coated safety optics to assure unmatched procedural viewing


The LIGHTLas YAG™ and LIGHTLas SLT Deux™ (YAG/SLT combination laser) can also be upgraded to the V-series, which adds YAG laser vitreolysis functionality to create an even more powerful multipurpose anterior and posterior workstation: LIGHTLas YAG-V™ or LIGHTLas SLT Deux-V™.

V-Series: Flexibility For Successful Vitreolysis Treatment
Optimized for both posterior and anterior YAG laser therapy, LIGHTLas YAG-V allows surgeons to perform anterior or posterior capsulotomies with new-generation IOLs, peripheral iridotomies for glaucoma, and vitreolysis to treat vitreous strands and opacities—all with a single instrument.

The advanced LIGHTLas YAG-V laser has the capability to perform a non-invasive and safe treatment for vitreous strands.
• Uses a unique and advanced design to illuminate deeper into the vitreous
• Provides an unobstructed laser beam that allows more control, convenience, and precision during each treatment
• Ensures precise positioning of the optical breakdown and provides protection of adjacent tissue with the precision of the two-point aiming system and wide-offset range


In addition to a suite of advanced features and service, LIGHTLas YAG™ offers a comprehensive selection of combinations as your practice grows and clinical needs change.

Range Of Workstation Options
• Powerful Photocoagulator Integration: Works with the LIGHTLas 532™ (green), LIGHTLas 577™ (yellow),
and LIGHTLas 810™ (infrared) that utilize traditional continuous wave (CW) and exclusive SP-Mode™ (sub-threshold technology) to form a photocoagulator/photodisruptor workstation
• Treatment Adaptability: Convenient attachment that mounts on the LIGHTLas YAG without affecting its core
performance to deliver the photocoagulator treatment laser. The laser console can be conveniently located
on a specially designed swivel plate for enhanced functionality, or mounted on the side column for enhanced space
• Clinical Versatility: Uniquely upgradeable at any time to include the Selective Laser Trebeculoplasty (SLT) feature to function as an integrated YAG/SLT laser for increased product value and space savings

Intelligent And Ergonomic Features
• Convenient Operation: Dual hand controls enable comfortable use under all treatment conditions, while externally mounted chin rest facilitates convenient accommodation of patient posture
• Modular Design: Assures better treatment and enhances faster and easier maintenance • Perfect Precision: Advanced laser firing mechanism utilizes a direct fire-to-joystick switch mechanism to assure advanced performance

Premier Service
• Best-In-Class Coverage: Every LIGHTLas YAG comes with the reassurance of the industry-leading warranty from LIGHTMED™
• Convenient Service: Assure reduced product downtime with multiple service centers across the US for quick maintenance or in-office repair


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