The DGH 8000 SCANMATE a Portable USB B-Scan.

The DGH 8000 Scanmate-B combines the most advanced ultrasound technology available with the processing power, data storage and connectivity advantages of a personal computer. Patient Data can be stored on a local computer, or in a centralized network location where it can be accessed by multiple users. Patient records are fully searchable and can be exported in a format that is compatible with EMR/EHR systems. The DGH 8000 provides portability, accuracy and intuitive data management, all for a competitive price.

A Portable USB B-Scan

Main Features

• Position Map Tool for Annotating Probe Orientation
• A-Mode Overlay & Caliper Measurement Tools
• Customizable, Professional Reports
• Integrates Seamlessly with the DGH 6000 A-Scan
• EMR I EHR Compatible

B-Scan Features
• Pulse Frequency: 12 MHz & 15 MHz.
• Depth Selections: 3 cm, 6 cm (12 MHz); 5 cm, 10 cm (15 MHz).
• Sector Scan Angle: 60 degrees.
• Electronic Resolution: 0.015 mm.
• Clinical Resolution: < 0.100 mm. Reports
• Select One (1) Large Image or up to Six (6) Small Images Per Page.
• Ability to Add Comments.
• Print to Local or Networked Printer.
• Save to Database or Export as PDF.

Diagnostic I Imaging Tools
• Position Map Tool for Annotation of Probe Orientation.
• A-Mode Overlay Displays the Amplitude of Reflectivity for the Selected Vector.
• Two Caliper Measurement Tools.
• Near , Mid and Far Gain Controls as well as Image Intensity and Contrast.
• Zoom & Pan Feature Enlarges Images for Detailed Examination.
• Adjustable Probe Pulse Power.
• Comments Can be Positioned Anywhere on Image.
• Continuous Video Loop (16 – 256 frames).

Record Management
• Quickly Search for Patients by Last Name , First Name or ID.
• Thumbnail Viewer Displays all Images and Videos for the Currently Loaded Patient.
• Centralized Database Allows Records to be Accessed by Multiple Computers.
• Easily Export Images as JPEGs, Videos as AVI files or Reports as PDFs.

• Save Operator Profiles with !-Click.
• Integrates Seamlessly with DGH 6000 A-Scan.


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