Canon OCT-S1

Canon Xephilio OCT-S1


100,000 A-scans per second combined with invisible 1,060 nm wavelength provide ultra-fast swept source technology maximizing data quantity of the patient’s eye while reducing acquisition time. Invisible scan lines ensure better patient collaboration and reduce the impact of patient eye movements.


With a single capture the swept source Xephilio OCT-S1 shows a large wide-field OCT image of up to 23×20 mm, which can be very beneficial for retina thickness observation of retinal detachment or retinitis pigmentosa. Mosaic imaging allows you to create an incredibly wide-field OCT image of approximately up to 31 x 27 mm.


Canon’s deep scanning swept source technology allows better penetration of cataracts, hemor- rhages, blood vessels and sclera and at the same time optimizes capture of retinal and choroidal data – all in a single shot. With Xephilio OCT-S1 vitreous body and choroid appear in the same image with superior image quality providing more information for better patient care.



Xephilio OCT-S1

Wide-Field Sweft Source OCT

AI helps you save time and improve imaging

Canon’s Deep Learning technology Intelligent Denoise offers a new quality of OCTA images based on individual scans – without the need to acquire and merge multiple images. The revolutionary technology delivers images with greatly reduced image noise, increased detail and improved visibility within just seconds


Wide-field swept source imaging in one single capture

With Xephilio OCT-S1 Canon introduces revolutionary swept source technology allowing you to capture wide-field images of up to 23 mm in a single scan. Xephilio OCT-S1 enables superior penetration of dense objects and provides outstanding tomographic images. Intelligent Denoise, the system’s Deep Learning AI technology, offers a new quality of OCTA images in a single scan with greatly reduced noise, increased detail and improved visibility within just seconds.


Outstanding imaging is your best friend

Canon’s recognized optical expertise enables the Xephilio OCT-S1 to offer superb image quality with minimal scatter. The swept source technology results in enhanced penetration further into the deeper tissue structures such as the choroid and even the sclera. Imaging depths of up to 5.3 mm allows for detailed visualization of the vitreous body and choroid in a single scan while the high scanning speed of 100,000 A-scans/s reduces examination time and offers very high resolution scans.


Easy and quick operation

The Xephilio OCT-S1 utilizes a joystick for initial anterior alignment, but operation is also aided by several automated functions. It has built-in SLO for real-time retinal tracking and accurate follow-ups.


Visualize the microvasculature of the retina with OCT angiography

Non-invasive examination, results within seconds OCT Angio does not require fluorescein injection or pupil dilation, and the examination takes only seconds. SLO-based real-time tracking minimizes artefacts. Sophisticated image post-processing with 3D projection artefact removal enables excellent image quality. Angio Expert with freely selectable layers With OCT angiography even the smallest blood vessels can be observed in 2D and 3D. With Canon’s OCT Angio software, you can freely select layers to create the preferred image. Layers can be defined based on automatic segmentation or as a custom offset. OCT angiography is a sophisticated technology that detects the movement of red blood cells in the retinal vasculature and allows you to visualize tiny vessels in detail.


High density and single capture

The Xephilio OCT-S1 offers an enormous diversity of scan areas and scan densities for OCT Angiography examinations. While scan areas range from small (3 x 3 ~ 8 x 8 mm) to super large (23 x 20 mm), a high scan density of up to 928 x 807 pixels allows for visualization of small vessels at the same time.



Scan Speed Max. 100,000 A scan/second
Horizontal Resolution 30μm
Axial Resolution 8μm
Light Source Wavelength OCT: 1060nm, SLO: 780nm
Small Pupil Size Φ3.0mm
Working Distance 20mm
Retina Observation Method Flying spot SLO
SLO FOV (H x V) 23mm x 20mm
OCT Scan Width 3~23mm
OCT Scan Depth 5.3mm
Internal Fixation “x” shape display on retina: green
External Fixation Light EL-1 (option)
Dimension and Weight Dimension (W x D x H) 510mm x 330mm x 590mm
Weight 35kg (main unit only)
OCT Scan Parameters Retina scan mode Custom 3D 512 x 512
1024 x 128
1024 x 1024
2048 x 512
Multi-cross 1024 x 1024
2048 x 2048
4096 x 4096
Averaging: 1–50
Cross 1024 x 1024
2048 x 2048
4096 x 4096
Averaging: 1–200
Radial 1024
12 directions (15 degree intervals)
Averaging: 1–50
OCTA Small: 232 x 232 (3 x 3 ~ 8 x 8mm)
Medium: 464 x 464 (4 x 4 ~20 x 20mm)
Large: 696 x 696 (6 x 6 ~ 20 x 20)
Super Large: 928 x 807 (23 x 20mm)


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