Huvitz HTR-1A

Efficient Multitasking

by Huvitz 4 in 1 HTR-1A

Huvitz HTR-1A is optimized for eye health care in order to
accurate measurement & diagnosis.
4 types of diagnostic device are completed with 4 in 1 System in Compact Design.
Also, Full Auto Tracking & Shooting functions provide user convenience.
Huvitz HTR-1A is now ready to surprise users by strong multitasking.

4 in 1 System

The 1 device includes 4 functions;
Full Auto Ref/Keratometer, Non-contact Tono/Pachymeter.
Essential data for Customized Lens prescription such as Comea Thickness,
Intraocular Pressure and Refractive Power is accurately measured and acquired.



Refractive power measurement
Distance between vertex of cornea (VD) 0.0, 12.0, 13.75, 15.0
Spherical prescription (SPH) -30.00 +25.00 D (VD = 12 mm) (0.01/0.12/0.25 D unit)
Astigmatism prescription (CYL) 0.00-12.00D (0.01/0.12/0.25 D unit)
Astigmatism axis angle (AX) 0-180° (1° unit)
Astigmatism indication -, +, MIX
Pupil distance (PD) 10~85 mm
Minimum pupil diameter that can be measured Ø2.0 mm
The accuracy specifications are based on the results of eye model testing preformed in accordance with ISO10342.
Cornea curvature radius measurement
Corneal curvature radius 5.0 13.0 mm (0.01 mm unit)
Cornea refractive power 25.960-67.50D
(cornea equivalence’s refractive index: 1.3375)
indication unit: 0.05/0.12/0.25D unit
Cornea astigmatism prescription 0.0-15.00 D
(Increments: 0.05/0.12/0.25 D)
Cornea astigmatism axis angle 0-180° (1°/5° unit)
Cornea diameter measurement 2.0 14.0 mm (0.1 mm unit)
Keratometry is in accordance with TypeB, ISO 103432014.
IOP measurement
IOP range 1~60 mmHg
SPC 30/SPC 60, 30/60
Measurement increment 1 mmHg (Average: 0.1 mmHg)
Accuracy ±5.0 mmHg
Corneal thickness measurement
CCT measurement range 300-800 μm
Measurement increment 1 μm
Accuracy ±10.0 μm (in case of The calibration Model eye)
Wireless V/F
Protocol IEEE802.11b 2.4GHz WiFi
Security mode WPA2-PSK
IP configuration DHCP mode
Auto travel distance
Up and down 83 mm (±3 mm): Total RK Mode 40 mm (+5mm)
NT Mode 40 mm (+5mm)
Left and right 90 mm (+2 mm)
Front and back 40 mm (+2 mm)
Automatic tracking scope
Up and down +5 mm
Left and right +5 mm
Front and back +5 mm
Chin rest travel distance
Up and down 65 mm (±3 mm)
Data memory
10 session worth of measurement values for each of the eyes on the left and right
USB Internal Software Update from PC (Engineer Only)
Hardware specs
Built-in printer Thermoelectric line printer/Auto Cutting
Power-saving function Key power is blocked when the measurement is stopped up the set time. Recovered when pressing on the button or when the screen is touched.
Monitor 85° Tiltable 7″ Color LCD IPS Panel (800*480) Resistive Touch panel
Dimensions 301(W) x 535(D) x 506(H) mm
Weight 23.8 Kg
Power supply AC100-240, 50/60Hz, 0.6-0.9A, 144VA(Max.)


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