Canon OCT-A1

Xephilio OCT-A1

Taking OCTA to the next level

Canon’s Xephilio OCT-A1 provides outstanding performance and exceptional ease of use. Superior image quality and a host of automated features optimize and simplify clinical examinations, while the system’s fast scanning speed enables short examination times, improving procedure efficiency and patients’ comfort.

Fast and Easy Acquisition with Incredible Detail

With a digital resolution of up to 1.6μm, the system enables excellent differentiation of structures and individual layers of the retina. High scanning speed of 70,000 A-scans/s enables very short examination times of usually about two seconds, resulting in less motion artefacts and increased patient comfort.

Flow Fusion Technology and Deep Learning Technology Intelligent Denoise

Flow Fusion and the new AI-based Intelligent Denoise option can further improve the clinical outcomes of OCTA studies. These tools greatly enhance workflow and diagnostic confidence, providing excellent patient comfort and well-being.

Angio Expert HD Software

Angio Expert HD not only offers a wide range of advanced image quality tools, but also adds advanced OCTA analysis to the imaging portfolio. Angio Expert HD provides high pixel density and extended field of view, enabling the imaging of vessels and capillaries over a large area with high precision.


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